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Why choose Iron Mountain?
Hybrid solutions drive efficient document management Our methods combine cost-effectiveness and convenience.
Give your workers control We make access available to meet your specific requirements.
Create a plan based on best practices Best practices are being maintained and consistently followed.
Change doesn't have to be difficult The solution can be more effective and cost-efficient than you might think.
Information management is a critical process. But many companies expose themselves to risk: duplicated procedures, nonstandard methods, inefficiencies and additional costs. Working with Iron Mountain puts an end to this risk. We've prepared a summary of the eight essential reasons why outsourcing your document management is right for your business.
You only pay for what you want
We'll work with you to provide a solution perfect for you.
Document management demands a specialist solution We develop best practices based on our experience.
We work with you to meet your challenges Our hosted solutions aid productivity.
Chain of custody is vital Our solution reduces the risk of loss and bad filing.
More than 85% of FTSE 100 companies and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses trust Iron Mountain to protect their critical data.
You should too.